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The Veil

Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

The veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinnest from 10/31 to 11/1. You may sense it and feel it in the crisp, cool fall air. Some sensitives notice activity or pick up on people's energies even more than usual.

Signs and messages during this time from beloved ones that have crossed over are frequently noticed. Synchronicities and messages will seem to find you. A song on the radio, a feather in your path, or another more specific and nostalgic reminder that leaves you with a strong knowing it was meant for you. It will happen out of the blue and give you goosebumps or a tearful unexpected emotional response.

It is a time for reflection on the recent year, a time to honor our ancestors and departed loved ones. The new path in front of us is lighted by our fond recollections and turning over a new leaf for the upcoming seasons.

Celebrate each day, each precious breath. Time is short, days grow shorter and nights longer. Cherish your loved ones still with us as we head into the festive holidays ahead. Make time for the special people close to your heart rather than get caught up in things not worthy of your time and energy. Prioritize the activities that are the most meaningful, make it count.

It's both a time for renewal and reflection as we turn the page to a new chapter.

Make bright your merry way and leave a trail of sparkle wherever you go. It is good to remember but also share some laughter, hugs and make new memories.

Light a candle for the past and to light the path of your future ahead.

God bless you, have a great week and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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