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The Golden Rule

Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

It is said that you should treat others as you want to be treated in Christianity as well as in many other religions. "The Golden Rule" is a Universal Truth. Yet unfortunately inequality, haughty attitudes, arrogance, snobbery and looking down on others still exists. No one is better than anyone else, regardless of appearance, religion, gender, race, wealth, class, occupation, sexual orientation, station or any other individual characteristic.

It is also said that people may not remember what you said, but will remember how they feel when around you. How will you be remembered? Think about those people who you really enjoy being in their presence. What qualities do they have? What is it about them makes you feel good?

Being less judgemental, more warm and friendly, light hearted, down to Earth, approachable, gentle, patient and kind are ways people make others feel comfortable to be themselves. Accepted. Loved.

People who are peaceful, loving, positive and happy bring that kind of transformative energy to others. It can be infectious in a wonderful way!

We are all equal, all worthy, all special. Yes, you included!

We are ALL loved by God. We are all One! We are called to love each other.

When you live from the perspective of Oneness and recognize us all as God's children, it is easy to treat everyone as a divine manifestation of God's Love.

Mediating on our connectedness to each other and the Universe, to the Collective Unconscious, to God, brings it into a whole new level of knowing and understanding.

I invite you to think about and to meditate on Oneness. Think about how you are interacting with others. Keeping it at the forefront of your mind and being can make a difference in your relationships and daily life. Love is a verb that when put into practical action, makes all the difference in the world. Be Love.

God bless you, have a great week and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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