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Meditation for Beginners

Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

Did you know there are many ways to meditate? I didn't think I could do it due to misperceptions I had about what I thought meditation was supposed to be. Even someone with ADHD can learn how. I did and I believe you can too!

I will tell you a secret. Not everyone goes into a state of nothingness or has an empty mind. Your mind can have passing thoughts. Pets might make noise or get in your lap. Other interruptions or distractions can occur. You let everything go and let it become a part of the experience.

There are some tips I will share that may help you. The first is to eliminate as many things as you can that could distract you. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Silence your phone, dim the lights and find a comfortable position.

If sitting on the floor with your legs crossed is not comfortable to you, it will be harder to relax. I personally prefer sitting in a chair with a high back and head rest like a recliner or office chair. Sitting up in bed propped up by pillows or laying flat can also work. Whatever works for you. If you are laying down you could fall asleep, however it is still a valid position to meditate.

I also find relaxing music like spa/meditation music to be helpful. Choose a source without commercial interruptions. For beginners, guided meditations can be a wonderful way to start.

It may help to focus on a candle for a few minutes if you are sitting up and can do it safely (electric candles are great!). Be very careful if you use an open flame. Lighting incense can also create a peaceful atmosphere. If you find making a big production of it causes you to procrastinate or have anxiety, choose to keep it simple and omit any props.

Let go of any expectations you may have about what will happen. Just be. Be still. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath, breathing in and out, deeply, slowly.

Relax. Start with the top of your head and relax each body part, down to your toes.

You may find it helpful to think of a phrase or repeat a mantra in your mind like "love", "peace" or say "Om" out loud. Imagine you are connected to everything and everything is oneness. Let the ego-mind of separateness fade away.

You might not feel anything at first or on your first session. That is okay. Use the entire time and give it a chance. Try again another time!

You might see darkness, colors or lights. Imagery may appear. It is normal to have a flood of emotion, or even for not much to happen. Every time can be different. With practice you can see results. Relaxing in meditation takes time and a commitment. It is worth the effort.

Try starting with five minutes and gradually add time until you work up to 20 or 30 minutes. Setting a timer can be helpful. Whether it is in the morning, after work, before bedtime, or another time, you will discover the best time for you. Some like to meditate for longer periods or more than once a day.

It is possible to have little mini meditations for a few minutes anywhere you are. Sitting outside in your yard or garden, waiting in line, or waiting for an appt. Nearly anywhere. Make sure you are in a safe place. Be sure not to meditate while driving or operating machinery. Just close your eyes and be in the moment.

The important thing is to set aside some time each day for meditation. Studies show meditation can help with anxiety, stress, creativity and a sense of well being.

This is a simple way to get started meditating. I plan to post again next week from the Metaphysical Science viewpoint on the purpose we meditate and what we are achieving through meditation.

God bless you, have a great week, and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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