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Fear and Love

Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

A good practice is to ask yourself are you acting out of fear or love? You cannot operate out of fear and love at the same time. Don't let fear run your life. Most of the time the things that you are afraid will happen, don't. When operating out of a place of love things seem to flow in your life and be more positive. This is the natural cycle of things. Karma naturally gives you back what you put out.

I have found it's better to go out and believe in the possibilities, think positive. You will never know until you try what is possible for you in your life. Dream big! Follow your heart and find your purpose. Visualize, imagine and create. Meditate, pray, be optimistic and amazing ideas will come to you. Do the footwork, trust the process. Doors will open. God will make a path for you.

When you treat other people coming from a place of love (instead of a place of fear) amazing things will happen in your relationships. People will feel connected to you, relate to you, and will want to help you. It paves a way for better communication, trust and unity.

Fear is a low vibrational energy. It blocks you. Any of the lower vibrational energies are blocks (fear, hate, anger, guilt, shame, etc.) Love and peace are the highest vibrational energies that exist in the universe. Embrace them and watch your life change!

It takes practice but becomes more natural the more you do it. Whenever you feel a thought of fear coming into your mind, change it at once. Be brave, authentic and kind!

We are all one. We are all divine manifestations of love. When we remember this and see that in each other, oh how that changes everything!

God bless you, have a great week and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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