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Ego vs. Soul

Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

Ego is a sense of your own identity or worth. We all have it. Ego becomes problematic if you feel superior to others and have an inflated sense of pride. No one is inherently better than anyone else. Ego causes issues when the individual focuses on self in a self-centered way, seeks validation from things outside of self and sees the world from a materialistic viewpoint. In this post we are referring to ego as the illusion of separateness and egotism.

Soul is defined as a person's immaterial essence that is immortal. It is the very life force in a human that is from God, part of God and not bound by death. Soul recognizes the Oneness, Unity, and Equality of all people. It is unselfish, places importance on love, peace, the greater good and spiritual values. It focuses outside of self and cares about what really matters in life. Soul does not judge based on the material world's standards but sees beyond material things.

Much like fear and love, you are either operating out of ego or soul at any given time. It is impossible to act from both at the same time.

Soul is selfless. Ego is self. When you act from soul you are acting for the best interests and highest good of all, not just in your own best interests.

Fear is often an underlying, invisible driver of ego and comes from a place of pride, trying to overcompensate for not feeling worthy or good enough and is based in superficial merit. It can be driven by worry, doubt, fear, and insecurity. Ego centered is worrying, critical and jealous.

Soul comes from a place of value in the spiritual realm, a place of true unconditional love and places emphasis on the wealth of things that money can't buy. It is driven by love, peace, faith, unity and is non-judgemental. Soul centered is forgiving, trusting, and accepting.

When we can dare to truly ask ourselves and look at what is driving our ambitions, ideas, actions, motives and feelings, we can begin to understand our inner world and what makes us tick, which opens the door to make changes for the better.


Seeks to serve or elevate self

Seeks outward recognition

Seeks to accumulate possessions

Looks outward

Feels lack

Seeks to be filled

Can never be satisfied

Sees separation

Sees life as a competition


Seeks to serve others

Seeks inner authenticity

Values things money can't buy

Looks inward

Feels gratitude

Feels content

Sees Oneness and Unity

Lifts up others

Ego is "me".

Soul is "we".

Together we can work towards a peaceful world where everyone is seen as equal, special, worthy, important and lovable.

Let it be so and so it is. God bless you and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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