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Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

At Easter we think about baskets of chocolate candy, cute fluffy rabbits, egg dying and hunts, nature blooming, baby animals and parades. Christians also think about Jesus rising on the 3rd day after crucifixion. The number three in Hebrew signifies harmony, new life, and completeness.

How did all the Springtime festivities get mingled into a seemingly Christian holiday? The answer is that there already were Pagan holidays around the Spring Equinox in place to celebrate balance, renewal and rebirth.

These holidays were celebrated alongside each other and as pagans converted they carried many traditions with them that were adopted and incorporated, not just at Easter but in other holidays like Christmas too. All these Spring celebrations share the joy of transformation. In Christianity, it is often seen as sacrifice, salvation and ultimate forgiveness.

The story of Jesus follows him teaching, healing, loving and bringing a message of love and peace. He was not only followed and loved by his followers and disciples, but also ridiculed, tortured and crucified in spite of his perfection in love. He was left nailed to a cross for three days, then died, was resurrected, and ascended to Heaven. The meaning behind Jesus Christ's death is the gift of love, forgiveness and spiritual healing. The way to Christ is by living in Christ-Consciousness.

Think of your struggles, sorrows and pain, everything that you've been through as the cross you have carried. Every time you choose love and kindness over hate, selfishness, fear, jealousy, or anger, you are acting as Jesus would. Being like Christ is knowing God within your heart. 

Just like a butterfly in a cocoon, all the stages of pain and darkness will transform you and your life into something beautiful. Take those lessons and use it to grow. Your wings are ready for you to use them right now!

People often make the mistake of thinking they are not good enough yet, not ready yet, not holy enough yet. You are already a perfect child of God, today. You are already forgiven and saved, already chosen. Mistakes or sins are from our choices to be separate from God's Divine love for us. Just step into the light and claim your birthright! All you have to do is choose to love and forgive yourself and others.

It is never too late to begin a new path, to renew your faith or take steps to soar higher in your spiritual path. Meditation and prayer are great ways to get grounded, elevate and connect to your soul's purpose.

Even if other people around you do not see your worth, mock you or don't believe in you, just like Jesus you can choose to lean on God and have faith, not only in God but in yourself and your ability to overcome anything you face in life. God will not forsake you as God is within you.

No one is ever promised a life without struggles, challenges, or low periods. What is possible is the ability to rise above, have faith, choose to not let it make you bitter and let the experiences make you a better person. This process is ongoing. It teaches us empathy, patience, faith, and persistence. If we allow it, it can help us walk a path of peace, love and light which is to walk with God!

The story is ultimately about you. What will you do to shed the former self and transform your life today?

I wish you a very happy Easter!

Let it be so and so it is. God bless you and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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