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Divine Feminine

Updated: Apr 23

"Metaphysical Messages"

In various religions God is portrayed more often in the masculine, as a He or a Father figure. In many the Divine Feminine is forgotten, downplayed or overlooked. In very few the opposite is true and a Goddess is exclusively worshiped. The truth is that we are attributing aspects to God according to traditions passed down or what we imagine or envision God to be like. The truth is that God is both masculine and feminine, an equal balance, yin and yang. Mother and Father God. How can you assign gender to God? Only if you are projecting an idea onto God. God is without gender and encompasses both simultaneously. God is Spirit and Source. The Holy Spirit so to speak.

In Catholicism, Mary comes close to deity worship and this came about as a lack of feminine representation in the church, born out of a need. There are numerous reports of sightings, claiming to have seen her. It is devotion and love rather than worship. I find it fascinating that all the visitations have been from Mother Mary, a woman, arguably the most famous woman in the world. The rosary is prayed to Mary, not to Jesus, asking a mother's intercession. Being a former Catholic and also a mother, I love Mary and understand there is no greater love than that of a mother and the need of Catholics for her role in the Catholic church.

In Paganism, an entire sect worships the Goddess Diana. Many women claim that they cast aside a patriarchal religion in favor of Goddess worship since they could no longer tolerate or identify wit traditional religion anymore where they feel treated inferior. It's no mystery why given the sufferings of women and the lack of support in many religions for female leadership roles. Women are excluded, even prohibited from it in many. Times have changed in some ways, yet not enough progress in others. Metaphorically women are still sitting at the back of the bus. Women are not less than, however are still not treated as equal in every way in most religions.

I am not judging any religion as bad or wrong. I believe all religions serve a purpose for the people who follow them and for the level of spirituality they have attained. I certainly don't agree with everything taught in the different religions, but rather ask the question, what can we learn from them to make our own lives better? I believe that if we look for common ground and make a path to our sisters and brothers, our spiritual siblings, we can find peace and love. Fighting about religion has the opposite result. I am not seeking conversion for anyone else, only asking questions as a teacher, healer and perhaps a mystic would. If the goal is enlightenment, rather than validating your own beliefs, how much more progress might be made?

I think it's important to remember that we are all One, all equal. We all have God within. Just like night and day, hot and cold, light and dark, positive and negative, and every other thing with polarity, you need both since you cannot have one without the other. Life, our world, people and God are all like this, a mysterious conundrum of opposites, inclusive of both.

What I love about Metaphysics is that there is no separation or difference between us, we are all of Source and recognized at our core as Divine manifestations, of Spirit. No one is better or worse. We are all children of God. God is a Spiritual Force, a Creator. There are no gender roles and rules to follow just because you are male or female to abide by. No limit on what you are capable of achieving. No one is above or below you. We are all the same at our very essence. God shows no partiality or favor based on gender. So if we want to be more like God, then why should we?

God bless you, have a great week and Namaste.

Rev. S. Castle

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