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Metaphysical Messages
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Metaphysical Mystical Ministry

Mission and Purpose

Reverend S. Castle

Metaphysical Mystical Ministry's mission is to help individuals with spiritual growth through education and ministerial services.

MMM is based on Metaphysical Science, a New Thought spiritual philosophy and theology. New Thought Christianity has its origins in the early 1900’s. In seeking Christ Consciousness you follow the path of Love, Peace and Harmony which leads to greater enlightenment, awakening and truth as Children of God. Through a personal relationship with the Divine you can heal spiritually. God is within us and guides us. This is accomplished through prayer, positive mindset, meditation, mystical awareness, learning from the great enlightened Spiritual Teachers throughout the ages, and discernment of correct interpretation.


Metaphysical Science is Spirituality without dogma and creed. It's inclusive, non-judgmental, empowering and full of Peace, Love, Harmony and Light!


The ministry provides religious and spiritual education, books, prayer, lessons, meditations, spiritual coaching, officiates weddings, and other ministerial services. All services are virtual with the exception of officiating weddings. People of all faith backgrounds are welcome and the ministry is LGBTQ friendly.


God is Love! Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. These are the highest callings. We are unified in Spirit and are all connected. The Kingdom of God is within. We are the temple. Perfect Love casts out fear and nothing is impossible with God!


Let it be so and so it is!

If you would like to learn more about Metaphysical Mystical Ministry and New Thought Philosophy, please subscribe to this page and check out the official website at

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